Can I File a Lawsuit if I Have Been Involved in an Airport Shuttle Accident?

Most busy airports have a shuttle bus to carry passengers between terminals. These buses are specifically designed to reduce congestion on terminals and provide convenience for airport staff and passengers. Given the huge number of airport shuttles and a large volume of traffic, there are several incidents of shuttle accidents each year. If you have been involved in an airport shuttle accident, you can file a lawsuit and demand compensation for your injuries.

Common Causes of Airport Shuttle Accident

Airport shuttle services are common carriers who have a duty of safety toward the passengers. Some of the most common reasons that contribute to an airport shuttle accident include:

  • Negligent driving such as distraction, reckless driving, speeding, or failure to follow the traffic rules
  • Driving while being intoxicated
  • Incompetent driver or lack of training
  • Malfunction shuttle parts or defective equipment
  • Lack of safety features, such as inefficient luggage storage racks

Filing Your Airport Shuttle Lawsuit

As the airport shuttles are huge and mostly carry heavy cargo, it can be a traumatic experience and you may suffer serious injuries if you are involved in an accident. Some of the major injuries noted in airport shuttle accidents include whiplash, broken bones, tissue damage, lacerations, or head and spinal cord trauma.

By hiring an experienced bus accident lawyer at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA, you can file your injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the airport shuttle accident and receive reimbursement for your medical expenses, salary loss, reduced earning capacity, and mental and emotional pain or suffering. To successfully file your lawsuit, you need to provide evidence proving that the party responsible for your accident had a responsibility of care and safety and a breach of this duty caused your accident and subsequent injuries.

Most of the airport shuttles are operated by large companies that have all the necessary resources that can prevent you from receiving fair compensation. Insurance companies have their own vested interests in mind when reviewing your case and may try to find loopholes to undermine your claims or deny compensation. Hence, if you have been injured in an airport shuttle accident, it is imperative to hire a reputed and experienced personal injury lawyer who can represent you and negotiate with the insurance companies who are motivated to minimize liability.

Why Should You Hire A Good Bus Accident Lawyer?

You do not deserve to be injured due to someone else’s negligence and bear the burden of out-of-pocket expenses after an airport shuttle accident. Most of the shuttle accident cases where the plaintiffs have received compensation for their injuries is with the aid of a good bus accident lawyer. A knowledgeable attorney can help you understand how much is your case worth. You cannot simply file your claims with any entity. It is important to identify the correct party responsible for your accident and file a suit against them to avoid delaying your reimbursement. Besides, the airport may be governed by sovereign immunity in some states making it free from any third-party liability. Hence, due to the overall complexity of shuttle accident cases, it is best to seek help from a good bus accident lawyer.

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