Details About the NR3 Transfer Case

There are many parts of a vehicle. These parts are in charge of its movement and many more. One of the important parts is a transfer case. A transfer case is a specialized component that is usually used on four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It is vital for both the front and rear axles to be used to drive. Each of the four wheels needs to be powered. A transfer case will split up power from the engines and transfer it to all four wheels using the front and rear axles.

There are many types of all-wheel and four-wheel drive configurations and each requires a different type of transfer case. The transfer case is an important part of a vehicle and someone needs to have the right transfer case. One of the known transfer cases is the NR3 transfer case. The NR3 transfer case can be used in a wide range of vehicles and it’s known for its power and effectiveness. It is one of the best transfer cases in the market and those whose vehicles have its compatibility can use it to get the best power output to their wheels.


The NR3 transfer case is a full-time all-wheel-drive (AWD) one-speed transfer case. Through an external planetary type differential with two sets of pinion gears, the transfer case supplies power to both axles. The planetary differential provides a full-time 40/60 torque split between the front and rear axles. This means that in any situation, both axles are constantly driven for maximum traction. The external type planetary differential in the transfer case works in the same way as a traditional rear axle differential. The spider gears in the transfer case differential pinion gears are the sun gears, and the side gears are the sun gears.

The unit fits 07-14 Cadillac Escalade & Yukon Denali with the 6L80 transmission and RPO code NR3. One needs to know the year and the model of their vehicle as well as the engine size to get the right fit. It is a great product that will serve the vehicle owner for many years. Once the right fit is installed, the vehicle will be up and running and the effects will be felt immediately. The NR3 transfer case is powerful and a big upgrade that motor vehicle fans love.

Is it Worth It?

One of the questions that people have is if the NR3 transfer case is worth it. The answer is absolute. The power and functionality of the transfer case are some of the benefits that people can get from the transfer case. It fits well with compatible vehicles and it is a durable system. The cost of the transfer case is also very affordable. Owners can get a warranty for the transfer case but it also depends on the place a person buys it from. Overall, the NR3 transfer case is a good buy and will fit into a vehicle like a glove. Getting the transfer case for the right vehicle is vital.

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