Alternators are electrical generators used in automobiles to charge the battery while also powering the electrical system when the engine is running. It works as a converter to change mechanical energy into electrical energy and produce the alternating current required for this job.

Automobiles like cars have these alternators to amp power into different parts of the body like windows, battery, radio, seats, audio system, A/C compressor, fuel pump, lights, navigation system, wipers, etc.

High Output Alternators And Why Switch With Them?

With the technological incline in the automotive industry, there comes a lifeline of a vehicle. It is important to check the vehicle regularly to make sure that all the parts are running well. Honda is one of the companies that keep an eye on their car models.

Time To Upgrade- When To Know

The time to make a replacement with Honda high output alternators can be justified while facing any of these listed common alternator problems in the recent one–

  • Devices not charging
  • Interior lights or headlights dimming
  • A burning smell of rubber under the hood
  • Inability in starting the engine
  • Dashboard showing a ‘battery warning light’
  • Screeching or whining sound when the vehicle starts

Some Of The Best High Output Alternators Of Honda

  1.   13509-180HP high output alternator for 1992-1995 Honda Civic 1.5L, 1.6L

It costs around $464 and proves to be a good option for the Honda Civic model. It comes with two versions of 180 Amp and 240 Amp. In addition to this, different colors and cable kit upgrades are also available and cost accordingly. It comes with a standard hard-anodized billet aluminum pulley. A 1-year replacement warranty is also included.

  1.   11176-270XP high output alternator for 2006-2010 Honda Civic 1.8L I4 R18A

It costs around $689 and comes in 270 Amp and 370 Amp versions. There are colors and cable kit upgrade options available in this model too. Moreover, the warranty is for 2 and 5 years. It is designed for heavy-duty use. The bearings are oversized and environmentally protected. All components are made up of OEM quality.

How Long Does Honda’s Alternator Last?

Most of the Honda high output alternators last approximately between 80,000 to 150,000 miles for about 7 years. But there are points to consider which can cause easier wearing off of its condition like- driving conditions, alternator quality, and power drain

Benefits of Honda’s alternators

There are many points to consider when talking about how Honda makes sure that the alternator they use are up to the mark, like-

  • Its installation is not difficult.
  • The alternators made for each specific model fit perfectly as they should.
  • They charge very well.
  • Proper gauze and wiring are available for each model.
  • They are better than the rebuild models available in the market.

In conclusion, Honda is the best when thinking about an automobile company. It will make sure that the upgrades to alternators or a matter of fact any automobile part will surely be a smooth journey without any hesitation.

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