3 Things to Consider Before You Shop for a Second Hand Car

Buying a used car can be a good way of getting the most for your money, and you can often find some amazing bargains when you shop for second hand cars. However, like any big purchase, it’s important to be a savvy consumer and plan in advance, so here are some things you should consider before you start looking for cars online.

  1. Your budget

It’s easy to get carried away when you are at the dealership and end up buying a car you can’t afford. That’s why you should think about:

  • How much you can realistically get for your current car
  • Whether you’ll be buying on finance, buying with cash or leasing
  • How much you can comfortably afford each month
  • The costs of running a car – bigger cars usually equal higher expenses

Once you’ve got your budget in place, you can feel more confident when you visit the dealership and negotiate, knowing you have a price in mind and can’t go over it.

  1. Where to buy it from

When you shop for cars, you have a lot of options, from auction sites to buying online, but it’s usually best to buy used cars from a dealership. When you are looking for second hand cars Canberra, you want to ensure that the car you buy has been thoroughly checked and is safe, and that you have some sort of comeback if things go wrong. That’s why dealerships are usually better for used car sales.

  1. What kind of car you want

It sounds obvious, but a large number of people go to look for cars and have no idea what they want. While a good salesperson will be able to help you find the right car, you should have some idea of what you are looking for in terms of size, engine type and fuel type. For example, do you want a hatchback that’s sporty, or an SUV that fits in all the kids and a dog? It’s worth browsing a few car sites and narrowing down your selection a little.

Cars are a big purchase, so it’s worth doing some research before you head out to buy one. That way, you can narrow down what you want and you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse. Look at your budget, lifestyle and other factors to help you make the right choice and find a car that’ll keep you happy for years to come.




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