How about Looking at a Used Triton for Your Next Car?

If you like the idea of driving a sporty vehicle – one that is economical and fun to drive, you might want to consider a Mitsubishi. This type of car comes in various models designed especially for different driving styles.

Taking a Look at Mitsubishis Online

If you are looking at second hand cars in Canberra, you can easily search a dealer’s stock online. You can find wagons, four-wheel drives, utes, sedans, and hatchback styles. For example, if you are seeking the latest listing of preowned Mitsubishis, you can review select models, such as the ASX, Eclipse Cross, Lancer, Mirage, Outlander, Pajero, Pajero Sport, and Triton.

Usually, you will find more Tritons on sale at any one time than other models. These sporty trucks are often traded in for newer Tritons, as owners like to trade up regularly. You can buy a manual Triton two-wheel drive with single cab that features a five- or six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic transmission. The heavy-duty suspension makes this truck fun to drive in remote areas.

An Australian Favourite

For over three decades, this sporty work truck has helped Australians take care of hard jobs. The truck, which is engineered to deliver performance and power maintains a five-star safety rating. This is one tough ute that makes driving fun. The truck, which comes with a standard sports bar, features LED daytime running lamps and alloy wheels.

If you are seeking a spacious cabin, this is the vehicle to pick. Mitsubishi Triton double cabs provide spacious interiors that feature plenty rear seat leg room. They also feature a reclined seat back angle so you have plenty of space in which to move around. You can easily transport five adults in one of these smaller yet “big” trucks.

Do You Need Enhanced Stability and Traction Control?

If you want a truck that offers great stability and traction control, you will get it when you buy a used Mitsubishi Triton. The ACS or Active Stability Control feature of the truck uses the latest technology to apply the brakes to the proper wheels to keep you safe whilst driving around corners. At the same time, the Active Traction Control enables you stay on the road, even on rugged terrains or slippery surfaces.

This type of technology allows you to avoid spinning. The ATC applies the brakes so you can keep moving safely. This type of feature is rarely found on other makes of cars. That is why you will want to take a closer look at a used Mitsubishi such as the Triton.

This smaller truck is designed for powering up, as it is powered by a diesel engine that is both lightweight and quiet. The turbo diesel engine’s design surpasses most drivers’ expectations, and therefore delivers exceptional fuel efficiency, torque, and power.

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