Design Aspect of 2019 Mazda3

The 5-seater Mazda3 sedan has made its mark as one of the most fuel efficient among the Mazda’s with its advanced SkyActiv – X range of engines such as the 155 hp 2.0L 4-cylinder VVT and the 184 hp 2.5L engine of the same type, both delivering 37 and 36 mpg on highways respectively. The 2019 Mazda3 achieves this through some interesting and innovative design tweaks and fine engineering intercepts that result in remarkable performance without a notch of compromise in its design. We study the design aspect of 2019 Mazda3 in finer detail to understand how this is done.

External Design Elements

The exterior of the Mazda3 encompasses luxurious sculpted styling and purposeful design tweaks that go well with each other to provide a sporty yet sophisticated and refined look. Everything Mazda stands for is there on the exterior such as the Soul-in-motion design concept the revolves around the Japanese Kodo design philosophy, to the aerodynamic profile that helps the Mazda3 use the air flow around the vehicle to its benefit and effortlessly glide through. Standard across all the trims is a metallic front grille insert with matte-finish of black inset, Integrated rear-window antenna and a black or bright metallic beltline trim. On the Preferred you get some enhanced look with the roof-mounted shark-fin antenna, rear-decklid spoiler, interior sunshade, a power-sliding glass moonroof with one-touch open, and body colored side mirrors with integrated turn indicators. Just under the surface are some advanced safety insets that are part of the Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE suite. Mazda has provided for 18-inch wheels to be added for the upper two trims, but the 16-inch wheels on the Sport trim give a low center of gravity and perfect balance.

Ergonomic Internal Design

The interiors of the Mazda3 are designed by master craftsmen who practice a bottom up approach again inspired from Japanese Kodo philosophy that forms the core of Mazda’s approach. The ergonomic design aspects you will notice right from the door handles to arm rests, extending to the steering and front dash with various controls, and you will be amazed at how comfortable and easy to access these are. Everything you touch has a unique feel and texture so you can go about using the control without losing focus on the road. Even the seating is masterfully contoured to make you feel secure and comfortable while you enjoy the drive. The design materials range from cloth to leatherette on the Sport and Touring respectively and go up to perforated leather trims on the Preferred and Premium which are both beautiful to look at and comfortable to the touch. The presence of up to 8 cup holders around the vehicle with an overhead console that has a sunglass holder speaks volumes about design ergonomics of the Mazda3 sedan.

Designed for Performance

While you luxuriate and enjoy the drive in the Mazda3 you will be pleased to know that the engines on this 4-door sedan are designed using the SkyActive-X technology framework. This provides a high compression ratio to the gasoline engines that helps improve engine efficiency and better fuel economy. This range of technology innovation extends to the transmission systems, body framework and chassis to make the design aspect of the 2019 Mazda3 something of a benchmark in automotive engineering.

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